Thursday Shout-out -13 – A Raven Above Press

Check out the very elegant and creative imprint that is A Raven Above Press, based in Los Angeles, and in particular its new interactive game book  A Seer’s Guide to the Haunted Labyrinth. This lovely publication features the charcoal drawings of Brian A Kenny, interpreted in poetry and prose by various classic and contemporary authors. My work is in there alongside that of Edgar Allan Poe and Dylan Thomas.


About Cath Barton

Cath Barton is an English writer who lives in South Wales. She was the first Literature Editor of Celtic Family Magazine and is a regular contributor to the on-line critical hub for Welsh arts and culture, Wales Arts Review. Of her short fiction in print, most recently she has had stories published in the 2015 Flash Fiction Anthology "Landmarks" and in anthologies from Hour of Writes. She is also active in the on-line community of writers of flash fiction.
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2 Responses to Thursday Shout-out -13 – A Raven Above Press

  1. brian says:

    love your story, an unusual and interesting work!

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