Candyfloss 2 is underway

Last year Oliver and I published a book of our short stories and poems (with a few photographs) through lulu. We sold about 100 copies locally, and you can still buy the book direct from lulu here.

We now putting together another anothology. Candyfloss 2 is the provisional title until we think of a better one! All profits from the new book will, like those from the first one, go to charity.

About Cath Barton

Cath Barton is an English writer who lives in South Wales. In June 2017 she was awarded the New Welsh Writing AmeriCymru Prize for the Novella, and her novella The Plankton Collector was published by New Welsh Review in September 2018. Her second novella, In the Sweep of the Bay, was published by Louise Walters Books in November 2020. Cath is also active in the on-line community of writers of flash fiction.
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2 Responses to Candyfloss 2 is underway

  1. Best of luck with this.

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